Today my seniors came into the room and formed a circle around the masking tape circuits that decorate my floor.  They came in and looked at the circuits and a few made comments about what they are.  We have seen the schematic drawings a few times but haven’t really sat down to understand what they mean.  Then, without prompting, one of my students started explaining what the circuits represent and which light bulbs he thought would turn on.  Immediately, another student proposed a different idea and the two students went back and forth trying to explain what would happen.  In the explanations, they made connections to the play dough lab from the previous class periods.  I just sat there with a grin on my face while they talked back and forth.  We then decided to table that discussion for later, and decided we would try testing it with an experiment.  I thought it was awesome how the floor diagram worked as a discussion starter that drew on previous knowledge from the lab we did as a class.


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