Exit Ticket

Today my 4th period class was out of control.  Students were talking over me, moving around the room when they need to sit and listen, and being purposefully disrespectful.  Even after the principal came in and talked to them their behavior hardly changed.  I spent a lot of time talking to student out in the hallway and I know many of the students didn’t even try their test.  At the end of class I didn’t let any students leave.  I told everyone that they wouldn’t leave until they correctly answered a question about what we were learning.  This worked to focus them and slowly students got right answers and left.  I want to continue this type of practice but in a more organized way.

When the students come back, I will start walking around with a clipboard with their roster.  Every a student gets a question right they get a point.  Every time a student is off task, they lose a point.  I will start out with requiring students to have 3 points to be able to leave my class.  If they are good and show that they are learning, they can leave when the bell rings.  If they are off task they will have to stay and continue learning.  I think this will help a lot with my 4th period class and it will allow me to only punish the students who are off task and not the students who are trying to work and never present problems.

I also think I really just need to take more tests away if students talk even once.  I’m hesitant because I worry some students will just not care and take the 0 but they clearly need a lot more discipline and a lot fewer chances.  Tomorrow if anyone talks I will take their test away and then give it to them during their AI time.  I think I can do a lot more to work with advisors to help make sure students get my work done.  Over the break I will make a calendar of assignments to share with the 9th grade advisors so students can’t pretend that they don’t have work.

I am pleased that passing out missing assignment slips during advisory has gotten a lot of students to come in and ask for missing work.  Hopefully that will help more students bring up their grade and learn the material.


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